Choosing a Venue

This blog post will outline how to go about choosing a venue for your wedding or event. The location of your event is a statement piece and should be an appropriate fit based on the look and feel you’ve determined for your event. It’s also the place a lot of time is spent by you and your guests therefore, there are many things to consider when choosing the perfect space. The following list of questions have been provided as a guideline for you when you are visiting multiple venues, whether you are planning a ceremony, reception, or another type of celebration. Once you’ve gathered all the answers, you will have all the necessary information to make the best decision for your event.

1. What dates are available in (the month you prefer)?

2. What is the guest capacity (for the style of event – ceremony, banquet, standing, etc.)?

3. What time is the space accessible and what time must the event end by?

4. What are the site costs (rental fee, ceremony, officiant, etc.)?

5. What is included in the rental fee (examples: furniture, linens, china, staff, setup, clean up, etc.)?

6. Is there space for a dancefloor?

7. What audio/visual components are available?

8. How is the lighting for a daytime or evening event (examples: natural, chandeliers, dance lights, lighting company needed, etc.)?

9. Is catering provided in-house or needs to be brought in?

10. What types of food service styles can be set up and what are the associated costs for each?

11. How much do meals cost per person and what does the sample menu look like?

12. Can a tasting be provided?

13. Is there a cake cutting/plating fee?

14. What types of bar services can be set up and what are the associated costs for each?

15. Is décor provided in-house or needs to be brought in?

16. Are musicians, bands, DJs provided in-house or need to be hired separately?

17. What is the driving distance from (where majority of guests will be arriving from)?

18. Is there a bridal suite and hotel inside?

19. Is parking included?

20. Is it wheelchair accessible?

21. Are restrooms on site and accessible for all guests?

22. What area(s) are available for pictures?

23. If there are vendor affiliations (or an approved list), who are the recommendations?

24. Will there be a venue coordinator on site?

25. Is event insurance required by the venue?

26. Is there a rain plan (for outdoor venues)?

27. Does the floorplan meet your event needs (examples: disjointed, connected, space for cocktail hour, etc.)?

28. Can you visualize yourself being married/having your event here?

Hopefully these questions will help you get the ball rolling in discovering everything you need to know to choose a location for your wedding or event.

If you rather have someone else do the digging for you, contact us through the following link so we can help you find your perfect venue:

5 Things to Do After Getting Engaged

Welcome to October’s blog post. It’s that time of year again when the leaves are changing colors, we can start feeling a chill in the morning and evening air, and preparations have started for Thanksgiving and Halloween. However, another season is just around the corner as well – it’s engagement season! Did you know that approximately 40% of couples get engaged between the months of November and March? This is such an exciting time for couples to start a new chapter in their lives and begin planning the wedding of their dreams. But what happens next? Today, I am going to be sharing the first 5 things you and your fiancé should do after getting engaged. This will eliminate that initial overwhelm and stress that settles in right after announcing your engagement, so you can begin wedding planning on that high note.

1. Make your tentative guest list (including plus 1’s).

Both you and your fiancé should start making a list of all the people you want attending your wedding. You can categorize this list by cities (so that out of towners aren’t forgotten) and by event (if you are having multiple events, you can indicate who will be invited to which event).

2. Determine your budget.

Another major thing that needs to be determined early on is your wedding budget. Nothing needs to be set in stone because this number will definitely change as you go through the planning process but having an approximate budget in mind will be a guiding factor. Be sure to have the budget discussion with all parties involved (i.e. who will be paying for the wedding) so that everyone is on the same page from the very start.

3. Hire a wedding planner.

If your budget allows for one, it is best to have a professional handle all the details for the most important day of your lives. If you’re not able to hire a wedding planner, consider hiring the planner for event day coordination so the execution of everything is someone else’s responsibility and you are free to enjoy your actual wedding day. Not sure what a wedding planner or an event day coordinator does exactly? Check out my previous blog post that goes into all the details by clicking the following link:

4. Book a ceremony and reception venue.

Start looking at ceremony venues and their available dates for the month you wish to be married. Do the same for reception locations whether you’d like the reception to take place the same evening or the following evening. Once you’ve collected this information, see if the 2 venues line up and pay the booking deposits. If the 2 venues do not line up on the same day/weekend, go ahead and inquire about the month before and month after until you’ve found dates that work. It’s also important to keep in mind the type of venue will determine the look, feel, and flow of your wedding. Consider these factors when choosing and narrowing down between different venue types.

5. Hire service providers/vendors.

There are many service providers that are essential to address everything needed for a wedding. But the ones you want to start booking are the ones that physically need to be present. In other words, their work cannot be replicated by anyone else. Therefore, this would include hair and makeup artists, photographers, videographers, musicians, and DJs.

These 5 things will get you off to a great start in planning your perfect wedding. If you prefer having someone else assist or do these things for you, have a peek at my services and let’s find the best solution for your needs. You can do so by clicking the following link:

Why Do I Need a Wedding and Event Planner?

When you are planning your wedding or your next event, you might ask yourself if you need a wedding and event planner. You might brush off the idea entirely pretty quickly because you’re thinking, “how hard can it be to plan my own party?” You’re probably super confident in your own abilities or you may not be aware of what an event planner actually does. So, this blog post will highlight majority of the benefits an event planner can offer when planning your next celebration. Here are 8 reasons why they are valuable:

1. Eliminate Stress – Planning a wedding or an event can bring on all types of stress and can suck the fun out of the whole thing. So, pass that stress onto someone else who is emotionally removed. Avoid spending any spare minute you’ve got organizing and sorting when a professional planner will work with you to get everything done.

2. Help Stay On Budget – Event planners have the proper methods and resources to track every dollar that gets spent. They are also aware how much should be allocated to each element of a wedding or event; they can pass this information along and help you spend your money on the things that are most important to you.

3. Offer Their Expertise – Wedding and event planners have access to tons of insider information on venues, suppliers, and vendors in their local area. They know the right questions to ask, are aware of most desirable dates, and are experienced in managing the entire process. Planners can make appropriate recommendations and find the best match according to your wishes. Planners can also provide suggestions on the quality of service based on your budget so that time isn’t wasted on vendors that won’t be the right fit.

4. Handle The Details – Planning a wedding or an event can become tedious and complicated with all the information and details that are needed to pull off the celebration. To name a few, there is lots of back-and-forth communication needed with suppliers and vendors, many appointment bookings to make and attend, comparing and contrasting vendors and their work to find the best fit, managing the budget at each major phase, and making sure all the details that were planned actually come together and execute properly on the day. Planners can manage all these tasks in addition to other things that will come up during the process.

5. Keep You Focused – When planning a wedding or an event, it is very easy to get off track with all the offerings suppliers and vendors present to you. Having a specific design in mind and sticking with it can help bring your vision to life and keep everything looking cohesive. Your planner will have this established at the beginning of the process and will be your biggest advocate to navigate this fast-paced and exciting process at all times. They will also ensure everyone remains on the same page while planning each element of the event.

6. Find Your Answers – During the planning phases, there are lots of questions that will come up that sound something like, “should we, what if, would this look good, how much, can we add this”, etc. Your planner will be your go-to person for all these concerns and can provide you with the information because they’ve dealt with this before or will spend the time to get those answers for you.

7. Break The Tie – Sometimes deciding about something super small or very big can be really hard, especially if you’re consulting with others or you and your partner are sticking to the complete opposite ideas. A wedding and event planner can be a great sounding board and a helpful neutral party when making choices and decisions for your event.

8. Bring Everything Together – Let’s face it; you’ve spent months or years planning your wedding or special celebration and now you just want to enjoy it. Don’t get bogged down by the details on the day-of or worry about what’s going on behind the scenes or assign responsibilities to friends, family, or other vendors. You need someone who’s aware of your vision and has experience with ensuring everything that’s been planned is going to take place, be set up, show up on time, look good, and run smoothly! This is where planners offer their event day coordination services and help manage the event so that you are able to see the day unfold and take it all in.



Welcome to My Blog

Hi there, my name is Harpreet. Thanks so much for visiting my blog – this is where you will find information on various topics such as trends and ideas for future events, what is going on in the weddings and events industry, and details about events that Cascade + Confetti has done.

But this first blog will be a quick blurb about why I chose to become an event planner. As far back as I can remember, family and friends have depended on me to plan various celebrations and get-togethers. Birthday parties, family vacations, bridal showers, itineraries for girls’ trips, baby showers, and weddings are to name a few and I loved planning each and every one of them. These events gave me the chance to get creative and merge the interests of the host and the guests to create an unforgettable experience.

I also identified a need while planning my own wedding. I remember how stressful it was and how much extra time I needed to carve out of the day to make sure everything that was carefully planned would actually take place; I felt I needed to be in two places at once which made things quite hectic. Since I experienced this chaos firsthand, I wanted to help others avoid it! This is when I began thinking about starting an event planning venture. I started making myself available to anyone that needed an extra set of hands in the planning and execution of an event.

I was fortunate enough to be a part of planning and managing special events for relatives and close friends. Since everyone really enjoyed these events, I finally decided to take this to a wider scale and support others in planning their celebrations. I want to help create something beautiful and aid in creating an amazing experience, so that everyone has a bank of wonderful memories to look back on. Because in my opinion, those are the most valuable things we can create in our lifetimes. So, I hope to meet you real soon so we can create your next memorable event!